Supporting local artisans and preserving specialist craftsmanship has never been so important in this world in which we live. Here at Navai, we work collaboratively with the masters by creating one of a kind pieces, designed to be timeless and cherished for a lifetime. At any one point, only 3 artisan masters are involved in the making of a single bag. 

Each one of our handmade bags take between 8 - 23 hours to create, making each piece one of a kind. Some can have small imperfections which only adds to the character and history of the item. Like an heirloom, it is perfectly imperfect. 

We have chosen to work with python skin as when looked after correctly, it becomes more beautiful over time. All our python is ethically sourced and not farmed nor endangered. 

We are committed to ethical sourcing and have taken all steps necessary to ensure the skins used in the production of our bags are in line with the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) international agreement and we stand with its aim to ensure that the international trade in specimens of wild animal and plants do not threaten their survival.

All skins used in the production of Navai bags are hand selected by Amanda to ensure the highest quality of product is produced. The skins are also bought directly from a producer in Jakarta, Indonesia.