I have always believed that anyone can achieve great things and that with passion and perseverance our dreams are within reach.

I am the proud result of the diverse communities I have been a part of. Born to Iranian parents and raised in Sweden, I moved to London to study International Relations. I fell in love with the city immediately. Endlessly inspired, I wanted to be a part of the community to bring about change and help put women's stories at the forefront. 

After graduation, and feeling a close kinship with my Middle Eastern heritage I moved to Dubai. Here I embarked on a successful career in marketing as part of the Chalhoub Group where I worked alongside industry veterans to launch global niche brands in the region. It was here I received my real education, in practical terms and also in understanding the ability niche brands have in empowering by representing untold stories.

From day one I wanted Navai to not only be about great handbags, but a platform to champion the local communities I am a part of. From the Swedish minimalistic eco-conscious society I grew up to the opulence of my Middle Eastern ancestry, I want to celebrate and be a patron for my past whilst keeping one eye firmly fixed on the future.

As I fulfil my dream of returning to London, I invite you to share in my story and encourage you to be bold when writing your own. 


Amanda Navaian                                                                                            

Founder & Creative Director